26 October 2015

Road trip in Spain - Day 2 - Burgos and Vitoria

On the second day of our road trip in Spain this summer we visited Burgos and Vitoria on our way to Bilbao.


I've been in Burgos before many years ago, once with my parents and once on the high school finalists trip. In Portugal it became a tradition on the last year of high school to make a trip to a foreign country on Easter vacations. My class went to Paris by bus and although the city of Light was the destination, we visited several places on the way and Burgos was one of them. We are talking about 18 years ago, so no, I didn't remember much besides that it has a big cathedral. 
My father loves viewpoints so whenever possible, that's one of the first things we do when we arrive in a city so we have a notion of the city's display and that's what we did in Burgos. As we got up there, it became clear that the Cathedral is definitely the heart of the city. It stands out as only a UNESCO site heritage do and besides I'm not the biggest fan of churches, I was quite curious about this one. The outside stone was incredibly white and the inside was very well preserved, which makes me believe it probably went over a major restoration recently. Although I'm not a religious person and churches don't appeal that much to me, I think this one is worth the visit. It has a lot of details and rooms and the cloister with its stained glass is very pretty.

After lunch we went for a small walk around the city centre where we saw the magnificent arch that leads to the cathedral square, the main Theatre and the Plaza Mayor. Whenever in Spain you should always check the Plaza Mayor of the city, I at least have a major crush on them.


Last year December we went to Pamplona and made a quick visit to Vitoria. It was cold and raining all the time, we didn't spend much time there, so I was quite looking forward to go back. 
Vitoria is pretty, it has the easiest old town ever in a U shape, pretty buildings with the lovely typical balconies and several interesting paintings on the sides of buildings, but still, for some reason, it's not a place that excites me. 

Stay tuned for the post about Bilbao, the city that everyone told me it wasn't very interesting but that I really liked.