30 September 2015

Road trip in Spain - Day 1 - Ávila and Segovia

Since I can remember that I do road trips with my parents. First in Portugal then in Spain and when they started to master the international language A.K.A mimics to make themselves be understood, we ventured to the rest of Europe. 
Each year in the summer we would take two or three weeks to discover new places and new cultures. We had and still have a van and it would always go full with family or friends.
The first time we left Iberia was in 1995 to go to Paris, I was 15 years old and despite on the pictures it looks like I was bored to death (teenage years, what can I say)  I was really excited and loved every bit of it, so much that I started to help planning the next trips and eventually I became the main copilot, reading maps and road signs like a pro.

When I came to live in Barcelona I decided it was time to get to know other continents, so I stopped doing these family road trips and started to use my vacation days to get into planes to the other side of the world, nevertheless road trip love is forever.
This year we spent a month in Asia, which I'll tell you all about it another day, so when the opportunity came to make a small road trip with my family again we didn´t hesitate in joining them. We went from Portugal to San Sebastian, Spain, in 5 days, visiting Ávila, Segovia, Burgos, Vitoria, Bilbao, Guernica and San Sebastian. Yes, we visited all this in 5 days, so I cannot make you a route or anything for each city, but I'll share with you an overview and my impressions over these places. Let's do it chronologically:


I've been there 20 years ago and the only thing I could remember was the outside walls so I was pretty curious to see what was inside because I simply couldn´t remember. As soon as we arrived there, we stopped in the Cuatro Postes where we could see the city, from there we crossed the river and went to check what's inside. We found a charming little old town with the typical Spanish plaza where the City Hall is, several churches and the Cathedral. 
We roamed the little streets while eating Yemas de Santa Teresa and then went up the wall from the Casa de las Carnícerias to the Arco del Carmen, it's around 1 km and I think it's worth the 5€ because there are several viewpoints of the city. We ended up our visit eating a typical Chuleton de Ávila, which is a  veeeeery big veal chop.

As I said, we didn´t have much time in each place to fully explore it but Avila, in case you don´t know, it’s a World Heritage Site, so do I need to say more?

From there we went to Segovia, which is an hour away and for the second time in Spain I felt I was arriving in Kingslanding.


The Old city and the Aqueduct of Segovia are World Heritage Sites and I could totally understand why when I got there. The Aqueduct was built by the Romans almost twenty centuries ago and it's still standing and incredibly well preserved. I recommend you to see it both day and night at Plaza Días Sanz where the aqueduct reaches 28mts height.
The main square of the city or Plaza Mayor, has a lovely bandstand and the gothic style cathedral,  besides several nice terraces under arcades to have a cold drink in the oh so hot summer days. But the first thing I saw when I arrived was the Alcazar of Segovia, impressive! Like a fairytale palace, stands high on a hill, surrounded by vegetation. I couldn´t wait to go inside and although I was a bit disappointed because clearly we could only visit a small part of the place, it was still worth it. The visitors have access to several rooms, the arms Museum and Juan II tower from which there are amazing views.

I must confess that I fell in love with Segovia, not only the monuments are amazing but also every little street and the surroundings go from lush vegetation to mountains to "Toscana" like sights. Loved it and I will surely return!


  1. Now i want to go to Segovia.Amazing pictures:)

  2. I've been to Segovia many years ago and I've loved it, your post just made the "click", it's time to go again! Thanks! ;)

    1. Road trips are like punk, not dead 😀