7 September 2015

Patrick Swirc - Le Theatre de la Photographie et de image de Nice

Close by to where we were sleeping in Nice, there was the Theatre de Photographie et de l'Image de Nice. When I saw it on the map, I immediately went to the internet to see what it was and what exhibitions it had. It had only one of Patrick Swirc, which I had never heard of but then later I recognized a couple of portraits. 

This place is in the city center, in an old building. Inside it has a really beautiful theatre, hence the name I suppose, and lovely small rooms where the photos are displayed.

Both the flyers and the poster outside of the building made me believe his work was based on portrait, apparently famous people portraits, but then I was pleasantly surprised with the rest of his work. It had some interesting portraits, but what excited me most were the other works that I didn't expect at all. First it had these under exposed melancholic photos, which with the light focus on it, it kind of brought them to life, and then there were images that look like travel diary ripped pages, which reminded me a lot of Peter Beard's work.
The last room had a work on death, like a melancholic romantic from another time.
There was a fashion work as well though that didn't feel very right to me, I mean the photos were amazing, but it's more of a question of my beliefs and principles.

But anyway, when I left the exhibition I couldn't wait to research more on this photographer and now that I did, I really recommend it.

Which photographer do you recommend me?

Disclaimer: This post is not an art critic, it’s solemnly my opinion and how I feel about the artistic work.

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  1. One of the things I love most in art is the possibility of creation freely. I understand and agree with the loyalty to our principles, but always keeping our free creation capacity. Very interesting, Anabythesea!

  2. I understand what you mean but the photos are amazing. Makes me want to have seen it. Keepon posting, I love to hear about your exploits!