8 February 2015

5 reasons to visit Barcelona

Barcelona is a very beautiful city and I never met anyone who didn´t like it. There are many reasons to love it, but I'm sure that these ones will make you wanna visit the Ciudad Condal.

1. The Architecture: You're thinking Gaudi, aren´t you? Well yes, there are the Gaudi buildings like the famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral, La Pedrera, Casa Mila and Park Guell. These are the obvious ones and for sure they deserve a visit but I suggest that while walking on the street you keep your head up because there are so many surprisingly beautiful buildings in the most unexpected places. 
I'm not a big fan of motos, so whenever I ride on the back with Hugo I tend to avoid looking at the traffic or I start to stress, so my only option is to look up (or close my eyes, but that would freak me out even more) and I'm always amazed and happily surprised by the quantity of gorgeous buildings there are. So, keep your head up!

2. Tapas: Spanish cuisine is very rich, but I must confess that tapas is my favourite "dish". You will most likely find this ones in any menu: Patatas bravas, Pan con tomate, Boquerones, Chipirones, Calamares a la romana, Croquetas y Pimientos de Padrón, but really, don´t be shy and try different tapas every time you sit in a restaurant. Delicious!

3. The Beach: Going to the beach in Barcelona it's always a good idea no matter the season. In the summer it might be a bit too crowded and the winter a bit too cold to swim but you should go anyway because it's pretty, it has a very nice promenade where you can walk, ride a bike, sit for an ice cream, a drink or even a meal. Keep in mind that there's a lot of sunny days in Barcelona, so the terraces are very common even in the Winter. In the summer you can go out at night to the Chiringuitos (beach bars) to have some drinks and dance. Don´t worry, it's not dangerous at night, just use your common sense to judge each situation.

4. The Old Neighbourhoods: The Eixample is very famous for its "design" and most of aerial photos of Barcelona show that part of the city and I believe that anyone who had been here recognises the image right away, nevertheless, in my opinion it's the old neighbourhoods that gives the charm to the city. There's five main neighbourhoods that you cannot miss: Gracia, Barceloneta, Born, Raval and Gótico. They're full of character and although they have much in common, each one has it's own feel. They all have little alternative and traditional shops, nice restaurants and a cool night life.

5. Cultural Offer: There's always something happening in this city, so you will only get bored if you want to! Besides the several museums like the Picasso Museum, Miró Museum, Ideas and inventions museum, there are always exhibitions, movie or music festivals, gourmet food gatherings, second hand markets just to name a few. Before coming or while you're here I recommend you to check the following.

No mores excused to delay a trip to Barcelona, you will love it and you know it!