20 January 2015

Olite - A beautiful castle surrounded by wineries

A few weeks ago we went to Pamplona and on the way back to Barcelona, we stopped in a small village called Olite, 43km south, which has a stunning castle, we called it Kingslanding, the main castle of Game of Thrones, in case you’re wondering.

In the beginning of the 20th Century the castle was pretty much destroyed and it was rebuilt in 1937 to what it looks today. The castle is empty inside, don´t expect to see the throne or the ball room but it has patios, towers, an inside little garden… it has charm and it totally transported me  to my childhood, because it was in places like this that princes and princesses used to live… at least in my imagination. I think the 3€ fee it’s totally worth it.

Besides the castle, this lovely little village with stone narrow streets has several wineries which can be visited. We didn’t have the time to visit any, so I guess I officially have an excuse to return.

Which places took you back to your childhood?

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  1. Hi Ana, welcome back. I didn´t know this castle, looks really nice. Thanks for giving me a great excuse to return to Pais Basco! Keep up the good work,